Renting Guide


Moving in to a new rental home is an exciting time, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you. Our renting guide will walk you through the process of renting a property with Greenwoods.

Preparation and presentation

When you view one of our rental properties, it’s likely that someone else will still be living there, so it will look lived in. But when you move in, you can expect to find it in good condition. We ask all our landlords to properly prepare their properties to be rented out, which means that any decorating jobs should be completed prior to the start of a tenancy, furniture should be of good quality or removed altogether, windows clean and domestic appliances serviced.


We advertise all of our rental property in our window displays, online(though our won website and the most widely used portals such as Rightmove and on advertising boards. We do get a lot of enquires about our rental properties every day, so if you find a property you like, get in touch as soon as possible. 


Once you’ve found a property you want to rent, you’ll need to complete a tenancy application. A separate form is required for each potential occupant over the age of 18.


When you submit your tenancy application form(s), you’ll need to pay £300, plus £100 for each additional applicant. There is an additional fee of £75 for any applicants who require a guarantor. These initial fees pre-book the property for you (subject to contract), but nothing is guaranteed until we have completed our referencing, and you will still need to pay the first month’s rent and deposit on the day you sign a tenancy agreement. If you withdraw once you have paid the initial fees, or if you fail the referencing process, we will withhold 50% of the application fee to cover our administration costs. There is more information on fees in our tenant fees guide.


You will need to provide a passport or driving licence to confirm your identification, and an additional proof of current residence like a current utility bill or bank statement.


We use an independent company to carry out credit checking for you and your guarantor (if applicable). We will also write to your employer and current landlord. This process usually takes around 7-10 working days.

Tenancy agreement

Once you are accepted for a property, we will liaise with you and the landlord to agree a move-in date. If you need to change this date once we have drawn up the tenancy agreement, there will be a £30 administration fee to amend the contracts.


If the landlord agrees for you to keep pet(s) at the property, we will need you to sign a pet schedule addendum to the tenancy agreement, stating that you will carry out additional professional cleaning at the end of your tenancy, and any damage caused by the animal(s) will be your responsibility. There is a fee of £75 to draw up this addendum, and the landlord may choose to ask for a higher deposit.

Initial payment

The first month’s rent and security deposit (usually equivalent to one and a half month’s rent) must be received as clear funds before your tenancy starts. You can pay by bank transfer ahead of time, or make a card payment when you come to the office to sign the tenancy agreement.


Your deposit will be held securely with the Deposit Protection Service and will be returned at the end of the tenancy in accordance with your tenancy agreement.


Before your tenancy starts, we will prepare an inventory for your property, consisting of a full ‘schedule of condition’ and list of items and their condition, including photographic evidence. When you move in, you will have an opportunity to check the inventory, make any changes or additions, and sign it off. At the end of your tenancy, we will carry out a ‘schedule of dilapidation’ and check this against the initial inventory to avoid any disputes.

Rental payments

All rental payments must be paid monthly, in advance, by standing order, to the bank details we will provide you. The whole payment must be made in one standing order and cannot be split between tenants. If your rent is not received on the due date and we have not made a prior arrangement in writing, we will charge an administration fee of £30. Late rent may also be subject to an interest charge of 4% per day until paid, and cheques returned to us unpaid will incur an administration fee of £30.

Property folder

When you check in to a rental property, you will be given a folder containing comprehensive property details, including appliance instructions, utilities, deposit protection and other useful information. You’ll need to return this folder to us when you move out. Non-return will incur a £30 charge, which will be deducted from your deposit.


A set of keys to the property’s main entrance door will be provided for each adult tenant. To help us protect your safety and security, you are not permitted to cut new keys or change the property’s locks without your landlord’s permission. If you lose a key or believe someone else has a key to your property you must let us know immediately.


You are responsible for all the services charged at your property, including council tax, gas, electricity, water and sewerage. If you change suppliers for any of your utilities, you must let us know who the new suppliers are and provide copies of final utility bills when you leave the property. We cannot release your security deposit until we have these details.

Moving out

To cover the costs of inspecting the property at the end of your tenancy, we charge a check-out fee of £75, which will be taken from your deposit.