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Ever feel that one photo doesn't show everything or maybe you can't decide which angle best portrays your property?

You need not worry as Greenwoods are proud to introduce virtual 3D walkthrough tours for your property marketing. Utilising the latest 3D camera technology, it enables Greenwoods to 3D map your entire home and stitch it together to create one seamless and truly immersive 360 degree walkthrough experience.  The tour also provides us with the ability to produce a comprehensive floor plan at the same time. Throughout the tour you can emphasise your home's key characteristics by adding points of interest, highlighting features of the room such as "Underfloor heating".

A unique feature of the 3D tour that sets itself apart from your basic 360 degree viewing is the ability to zoom out to a 'Dolls House' view. From here the viewer is in full control, spinning the property around on its axis as though they are walking around the outside of the house or zooming in to a particular room to get a good feel for the size of it. This service is guaranteed to make your home more memorable to prospective buyers and ensures that we sell your property with a difference.

3D Virtual Tour Sample:

This 3D scanning software for a truly immersive virtual reality experience. Giving you total understanding of what to expect from the property before viewing. Allowing potential buyers, a sneak peek and viewing the whole house at once with a walkthrough experience. Saving everyone time by allowing buyers to get a clearer view of the property.

You can even pop into one of our offices and use our virtual viewing areas to fully experience why we are different.


The virtual tours we have filmed so far have proved a real success and we know that the way people wish to view houses is changing. Videos and films are the most viewed content now on all websites, the days of a few photos and a write up are no longer enough for the consumer and in our opinion not enough for our vendors. We want to showcase properties in the best possible way and this technology represents the perfect marketing package to do so.


Key Benefits of a 3D Tour:

Complete exposure of your whole home

Freedom to "walk through and around the rooms"

Unique dolls house view

Ability to highlight important features

Increases the quality of viewings for your property

Saves prospective buyers time and showcases your home to its very best

Make your home more memorable

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